Passport to a New-Born Child and Birth Registration

Passport to a New-Born Child and Birth Registration

Issue of Passport to a New-Born Child

and Birth Registration

(Timerequired.: approx. 1 month as the passport is to be printed in India)

US $ 70
1) Every child who is born to Indian parent(s) in Yemen is issued a separate Passport. It is not possible to include the child’s name in the Passport of mother or father.

The birth of every child born in the Republic of Yemen to Indian parents is required to be registered with the Embassy of India, Sana’a. A Birth Certificate is issued by the Embassy to the child after registering his/her name as an Indian national. A separate Passport would be issued to the New Born thereafter.

Requirements for Birth Registration & Separate Passport (BRSP) for Child:
Original Birth certificate issued by the concerned authority in Yemen along with its English translation · Birth registration application form (Form 4.doc) Form 4.doc
New Passport form duly signed by both parents (Child’s thumb impression should be affixed in the “Signature Boxes”) Form 1.doc
Father’s/Mother’s passport
Photocopy of Father’s and Mother’s Passport Form4A.doc
Copy of marriage certificate if husband’s name is not included in wife’s passport and vice versa AFF 2.doc
Two (2) passport size photographs of the child

AFF 3A.doc

Affidavit of Parents for Separate Passport in Favour of Minor Child – Form4A.doc (to be signed by both parents if residing in Yemen), or
Affidavit (AFF 2.doc) signed by one parent if the other parent’s signature cannot be obtained, or
Affidavits (AFF 3A.doc & AFF 3B.doc) if one parent is a non-Indian AFF 3B.doc

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