OCI Card

OCI Card

Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)

Application form and procedure

  1.  A family consisting of main applicant, spouse and up to two minor children can apply in the same Form i.e. Form XIX. (Please consult check list before submitting OCI application).
  2. The OCI Application is in two parts, Part A and Part B.  Part A MUST be filled on-line by the applicant [using Microsoft Internet Explorer only] by visiting http://ociindia.nic.in/ociindia/OnlineOCIRegistrationG.jsp. Alternatively, the Form can also be submitted online on the Ministry of Home Affairs website www.mha.nic.in  at “Online Registration” on the “OCI Scheme” page.After on-line registration, both Part A and Part B are required to be submitted to the Embassy along with all documents mentioned in the Check-list. It may be noted that on submission of Part A [at submission office: Yemen-Sana’a] a web reference number [YEMS………] will be generated online.  This will be a dummy number, which will feature in the printout of Part A. It will be subsequently used by the Embassy of India as a reference number for the application.
  3. Part B of the application is meant for all members of the family, not exceeding four including the applicant. It is in ZIP format, and can be accessed by selecting ‘group’ in the OCI application form. It is to be downloaded either by using the ‘evaluation version’ or saved on a floppy/ CD ROM in MS Word format. Part B of the form should be filled either by hand in legible CAPITAL LETTERS or typed. Additional sheets can be used in case the space provided in the OCI application form is insufficient.Part B cannot be filled in online.
  4.  The following documents should be enclosed with each application [details are mentioned in the Check list for OCI] :

a) Yemeni Passport;

b) Previous Indian passports;

c) Four (51mm x 51mm) photographs of each applicant.

d) In the case of children born in Yemen, if the applicant is claiming eligibility on  the basis of  the Indian citizenship of his/her parents/ grandparents, he/she will   also have to submit  proof of his/her relationship with    such a person(s) (such as  birth certificate mentioning  name of parents). Please note that all     minors who cannot sign their applications must put their thumb impressions (left for boys    and right for the girls) in the space provided.

e) Evidence of self or parent(s) or grandparent(s)

f) Having been eligible to become a citizen of India at the time of commencement of the Constitution of India on 26th January, 1950; or

g) belonging to a territory that became part of India after 15th August, 1947; or

h) being a citizen of India on or after 26th January, 1950.

i) In case name of the applicant is not the same in all documents, [i.e. Indian  Passport, and Yemeni Passport] Change of name Certificate issued by the  concerned authorities should be sent.

j) Ensure that Place of Birth is the same in all documents, i.e. Indian Passport and Yemeni Passport .

In addition, please read instructions under the ‘Check List for OCI Registration‘ and submit all documents mentioned therein along with the application. Please arrange the OCI application and photocopies of documents in the same order as outlined in the Checklist.

As proof thereof, the following documents should be submitted:

  1. Original Indian passport and copy thereof (or)
  2. Any other proof acceptable to the Consular Officer.
  3. PIO card holders should bring along the original of their PIO card, and submit a copy of the same with their application.

5. With effect from 19th October 2009, an additional amount of YR 500 per application will be charged on each service on account of Consular Surcharge which is included in the following amount to be paid by cash to ‘The Embassy of India, Sana’a’.

a) Applicant (adult/minor) applying for OCI for the first time   US $ 275

b) PIO card holder who was above 18 yrs of age at the time of issuance of PIO card US $ 25

c) PIO card holder who was below 18 yrs of age at the time of issuance of PIO card US $ 145

d) Re-issue of OCI card / Transfer of U visa sticker and change of personal particulars US$ 25

e) Issue of duplicate OCI card & U visa sticker due to loss/damage of OCI card US$ 100

6.The application form, complete in all respects along with enclosures, should be submitted to the Embassy of India, Sana’a personally.


When the applicant is not resident in Yemen, the application form should be submitted to the Indian Mission/Post in the country in which he/she is ordinarily resident.

7. If the applicant is in India, he/she can apply to the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Amritsar or Chief Immigration Officer (CHIO) Chennai or to the Under Secretary, Citizenship Section, Foreigners Division, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Jaisalmer House, 26 Mansingh Road, New Delhi-110011.

After checking all the relevant details, the Embassy of India,  Sana’a, will issue an acknowledgement, and the number mentioned thereon (the file number) or the reference number can be used for online status enquiry at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) website www.mha.nic.in.

Minor Children (holding Yemeni passports) where both the parents are Indian passport holders are not eligible for OCI Scheme. It may be noted that OCI certificate holders should carry both documents, i.e. OCI certificate and passport having U-Visa sticker for entry into India. In case of minor children [under 20 years] U-Visa sticker has to be pasted on their current passport. Details of transfer of visa are mentioned in the OCI Misc. Services

The following is a list of basic documents to be submitted in all cases. The Embassy reserves the right to call for additional documents, as considered necessary.


1.  Online Registration (Using Microsoft Internet Explorer only): The OCI Application is in two parts, Part A and Part B. Part A MUST be submitted on-line by visiting the link -http://ociindia.nic.in/ociindia/OnlineOCIRegistrationG.jsp. Alternatively, the Form can also be submitted online on the Ministry of Home Affairs website www.mha.nic.in at “Online Registration” on the “OCI Scheme” page.

Part A is tamper proof. Once Part A has been submitted online the applicant cannot make any changes to it. Please ensure that all information is filled in carefully and tallies with the supporting documents (e.g. Indian passport, and Yemeni passport).In case of any mistake, applicant should submit Part A again by filling the correct information.

Part B cannot be filled online. It is meant for all members of the family, not exceeding four including the applicant. In case a family exceeds four members, separate individual applications must be submitted for others. Part B of the form should be filled either by hand in legible CAPITAL LETTERS or typed. Additional sheets can be used in case the space provided in the OCI application form is insufficient.

Both Part A and Part B are required to be submitted along with all documents mentioned in the Check-list . When the application is submitted complete with all required documents a web reference number will be issued for future reference and online tracking. Kindly note that this reference number is NOT the one generated at the time of online submission of Part A.

The eligibility of OCI registration for minor children stems from their parents. Minor children holding Yemeni passports are ineligible if both parents are Indian nationals OR one parent is an Indian national and the other is ineligible for OCI.

The applicant must sign in the signature box and at other places wherever required. In case of minor children who can not sign, please use left thumb impression for boys and right thumb impression for girls. Also, both the parents must sign the OCI applications of minor children.

In case the name of applicant mentioned in the Indian passport, the Record of Landing and the Yemeni or Foreign passports differ (i.e. whole or a part of the name / surname has been added/dropped/changed) the relevant certificate, sworn affidavit, deed poll attested by competent authorities in India and Yemen would be required to be submitted. In case of change in surname of women after marriage, a marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriages Office would be acceptable.

ENSURE THAT ALL COLUMNS IN PARTs A & B are filled and signed. No column should be left blank. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Benefits to OCI

The following benefits will accrue to an OCI:

  1. A multiple entry, multi-purpose lifelong visa for visiting India.
  2. Exemption from registration with the local police authorities for any length of stay in India.
  3. Parity with Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in respect of economic, financial and educational fields, except in relation to acquisition of agricultural or plantation properties.
  4. Parity with Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in respect of –

a) entry fee to be charged for visiting the national monuments, historical sites and museums in India

b) pursuing the following professions in India, in pursuance of the provisions contained in the relevant Acts, namely, doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists; advocates, architects, chartered accountants,

c) to appear for the All India Pre-medical Test or such other tests to make them eligible for admission in pursuance of the provisions contained in the relevant Acts.

Any other benefits to OCIs will be notified by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) under Section 7B (1) of the Citizenship Act, 1955.

Benefits an OCI is Not Entitled to

The OCI is not entitled

  • to vote,
  • to be a member of a Legislative Assembly or of a Legislative Council or of the Parliament of India,
  • to hold Indian constitutional posts such as that of the President, Vice President, Judge of the Supreme Court or High Court etc.
  • He/she cannot normally hold employment in the Government

Cancellation of OCI Registration

If it is found that the registration as an OCI was obtained by means of fraud, false representation or the concealment of any material fact, or that the registered OCI has shown disaffection towards the Constitution of India or comes under any of the provisions of section 7D of the Citizenship Act, the registration of such person will not only be cancelled forthwith but he/she will also be blacklisted for entry into India.

OCI Misc. Services

[Change of name, issue of duplicate OCI, Transfer of OCI visa, Change of personal particulars etc.]

OCI Miscellaneous Services Application Form MUST be submitted online on the Ministry of Home Affairs website www.mha.nic.in at “Online Application” under ‘OCI Miscellaneous Services for registered OCIs’ on the “OCI Scheme” page. Applicant should ensure that the registration is done by providing current Yemeni passport. Applications may be submitted, in person, at Embassy of India, Sana’a, along with the following documents:


1.  Yemeni Passport – Current passport which has validity of at least 6 months.

2.Overseas Citizenship Certificate, if any, along with old and new Yemeni passports – These documents are required in case of transfer of OCI U-visa from old Yemeni passport to new Yemeni passport or issue of duplicate OCI.

3.  Previous Indian Passport(s) – The one on which the applicant entered Yemen (with the Landing Stamp at the time of entry into Yemen) and the last Indian passport issued (before acquiring Yemeni citizenship).

4. Surrender Certificate – Surrender certificate for surrender/cancellation of Indian passport on acquisition of foreign citizenship. In case Indian passport has been surrendered and/or cancelled before 1st June 2010, Surrender Certificate is NOT required.

5. Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) card(s), if any.

6.Detailed Birth Certificate mentioning parents name etc.) in case of birth outside India. The applicant should also submit parent(s)’s Indian and Yemeni Passports

7.  One set of print out of the form, duly filled in, and signed.

8. Police Report – in case of issue of duplicate OCI Certificate/U-visa sticker.

9. Documentary evidence – in case of change of personal particulars.

10.Change of Name Certificate – in case of change of name.

11. Four photographs of size 51mm x 51mm for each applicant to be pasted on Part A of the application form. The photograph should be of good quality taken against a light coloured (NOT WHITE) background showing a shot up to shoulders with full frontal view of face. As the photograph is to be scanned for documents the resolution of photograph should be high. Photographs that do not conform to these standards will be rejected.

Please sign in the signature box on the left side of the box for photo and at other places requiring signature of applicant. In case of minor children who cannot sign, please use right thumb impression for boys and left thumb impression for girls.

12. ONE set of PHOTOCOPIES of all original documents should be submitted with the application.

FEES: (With effect from 10th September 2012)

US$ 25 for re-issue of OCI Card / Transfer of Visa sticker and change of personal particulars

US$ 100 for issue of duplicate OCI Card or U-Visa sticker

Requisite fee payable to “Embassy of India, Sana’a” by cash.


OCI Eligibility Criteria

A foreign national, who

  • was eligible to become a citizen of India on 26.01.1950, or
  • was a citizen of India on or at any time after 26.01.1950, or
  • belonged to a territory that became part of India after 15.08.1947 and his / her children and grandchildren, are eligible for registration as Overseas Citizens of India (OCI), provided his / her country of citizenship allows dual citizenship in some form or other under the local laws.

The minor children of such persons are also eligible for OCI.


Minor children are NOT eligible for OCI in case both parents are Indian nationals

However, if the applicant had ever been a citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh, he / she will not be eligible for OCI.

Overseas Citizenship of India

The Government of India has decided to launch the scheme for Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) with effect from 14 November 2005. The eligibility criteria and the application form are available at: http://mha.nic.in/uniquepage.asp?Id_Pk=553.

You can go to the online application form here: OCI Online Form


Forms duly completed, along with a fee of Euro 216,- per application can be submitted to this embassy for being forwarded to the concerned authorities in India for granting of the OCI Registration Card. Those who are already holding PIO Cards can apply on payment of a fee of Euro 25,-.

The OCI Registration fee is normally required to be deposited in cash at the Embassy counter. In the case of applications being sent by post, the fee can also be deposited in the Embassy of India, Helsinki, Account No. 206618-17423, with Nordea Bank by quoting Reference Number 1070. In such cases, applicants are requested to attach the original Bank Advice along with a copy thereof with the application. Name(s) of applicant(s) and service required must be indicated in the Bank Advice.

Please note: Persons of Indian origin applying for Indian visa, OCI/PIO Card or miscellaneous consular

services a

re required to produce a Surrender Certificate. This Certificate would be issued to them on payment of one-time Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Fee, which is Euros 115 for applicants who have obtained Finnish citizenship after 1.6.2010 and Euros 25 for applicants who have obtained citizenship before that date.

Procedure for obtaining Surrender Certificate/Renunciation Certificate:
You will need to submit following documents to obtain Surrender Certificate/Renunciation Certificate:

  • Duly filled in form (see Consular Forms).
  • Original Indian passport with one copy. (This is not required if you are applying for Renunciation Certificate or Deemed Surrender Certificate.
  • Copy of the Finnish Citizenship certificate.
  • Copy of Finnish passport, if held.

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