The construction industry of India is a major indicator of the development in all related sectors as it generates tremendous investment opportunities throughout various related sectors. With an estimated share of about 8.2% in the total GDP, the construction industry contributes an estimated ₹711,567 crores to the nation’s GDP at factor rate at 2020-12 seasons. Construction and building sector have been the key driver of growth in the Indian economy in recent years and the latest report released by the industry body IIPM shows that the sector is expected to experience growth in the coming years at a faster pace.

To understand the significance of construction in the Indian economy and its contribution in terms of overall growth, it is important to look at the structure of the Indian construction industry and the structure of the Indian economy as a whole. The construction industry in India is a conglomeration of various industries that work towards constructing new buildings or renovating existing buildings more efficiently and economically. The construction industry is further divided into various sub-sectors such as:

Opening Job Opportunities

Construction and Building industry provides jobs to thousands of people across the country and provides a great source of employment and income to people who work in this industry. With a large number of projects being undertaken in different parts of the world every year, it has become imperative for the infrastructure of these projects to be constructed to a high standard at an economical price. It is for this reason that the demand for construction workers and professionals is on the increase. The construction industry is also considered to be one of the most important industries to develop the real estate sector in the country.

India is the biggest construction zone in the world. This industry in India provides jobs to millions of construction workers, professionals, and engineers in every nook and corner of the country. It has been a long time since India was last to construct a major construction project. However, the construction industry in India, despite its recent upsurge in growth is still considered a developing country, with its potential for growth and development. With the rapid growth of the global population and the growing industrialization, the growth of the construction sector in India is also expected to grow in the coming years.

It is also expected to get further developed due to the rapid increase in the population of India, with every passing day the number of the population increasing. There is a greater number of people residing in India and there is a larger number of cities and towns as well. The cities and towns are growing at a much faster rate than any other part of the country. The growth rate of growth of population is also expected to increase in the coming years as more people migrate to the Indian cities and towns to work and live in these cities. This will add to the demand for construction jobs, thus creating more employment opportunities for professionals and engineers in the construction sector.

As compared to many other countries, construction in India are very lucrative. The major reason for the relatively low salary of construction jobs in India is because there is a large demand for these jobs but comparatively less competition among the companies to provide this service. Learning trade skills such as welding will help one stand out as it adds to the list of skills and expertise you’re able to provide.

Hows The Pay?

The average salary of a construction job in India is quite a lot lower than that in many other countries. Because the salary of a construction job is much higher in comparison to that of other jobs, more companies hire construction jobs in India to hire the best construction manpower for their projects. Besides, more companies hire construction jobs in India for building residential or commercial projects that require a large number of staff and professionals. This is why salaries are so much lower than what they are in developed countries, but the rates are still very high in comparison with those of developed countries.

The construction jobs in India is also growing rapidly due to the growth in the population. More companies from all over the world are offering construction jobs in India, to hire a larger workforce of construction manpower. This means that more people are going for these jobs. This will also mean more job opportunities for many engineers and professionals in the construction industry. Construction jobs in India can be obtained by looking for jobs in the construction sectors of the government, education, IT industry, banks, and other private companies, etc. They may be available anywhere.