Emergency Certificate for one-way travel to India

Emergency Certificate for one-way travel to India

Issue of Emergency Certificate for one-way travel to India US $ 15
1) Requirements for issue of an Emergency Certificate for one-way travel to India in case of non-availability of a valid Passport with the applicant and where a new passport cannot be issued immediately:- · Emergency Certificate Form (Form 5.doc) · Letter from sponsor. · Affidavit regarding Nationality · Proof of Identity / Passport copy / Driving License, etc. · Three recent passport size photographs (one pasted on the application form and the other two loosely clipped) showing full frontal view of the face against a plain, light background. Form5.doc
Attestation of Documents
Attestation of Documents
S.No. Description Fees*
i) Sponsorship Declaration Form US $ 10
ii) Power of Attorney (Property Matters) US $ 20
iii) Power of Attorney (other than property matters) US $ 10
iv) Attestation of Commercial Documents US $ 50
v) Affidavit for Change of Religion US $ 10
vi) Affidavit for obtaining child’s passport in India US $ 10
vii) Salary Certificate US $ 10
viii) Academic Degree / Certificate US $ 10
ix) Marriage Certificate US $ 10
x) Life Certificate (for pensioners) Gratis
(Time Required : Documents for attestation may be submitted to the Embassy between 0900 hrs and 1100 hrs on any working day and can be collected between 1600 hrs. and 1700 hrs. the same day)
Sponsorship Declaration US $ 10
Requirements for attestation of Sponsorship Declaration:-

  1. Photocopy of inside cover pages and other relevant pages of the passport.
  2. Salary Certificate attested by Chamber of Commerce/Yemen Ministry of Foreign Affairs with typed English Translation.
  3. Original and one photocopy of the Sponsorship Declaration Form (Format1.pdf) to be signed before the Consular Officer of the Embassy.

Note: Sponsorship Declaration can be attested only in respect of the parents, spouse and children of the applicant.

*Note: All fees are to be paid in US Dollars in Cash at the Counter along with the application. Fees once paid are not refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or the service refused for whatever reason.

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